Hurricane Sandy

URS Office Closures for Tuesday, October 30th due to Hurricane Sandy

As an update to yesterday’s communication, below is the status of URS office closures for Tuesday, October 30th due to Hurricane Sandy.

Office Closure(s):

The following URS offices will be closed on Tuesday, October 30th:

  • All offices in New York City, New Jersey, the DC Metro Area, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island are closed.
  • In addition, URS offices in Harrisburg, PA, Fort Washington, PA and Philadelphia, PA and Williamsport, PA will also be closed.
  • The following offices in Virginia will be open: Newport News, Norfolk, Richmond, Salem, Virginia Beach (and others in southeastern VA).  A Liberal Leave policy is in affect for these offices.  Employees may choose to use their leave time (or work from home if able).
  • All other offices in VA (Northern) will remain closed.
  • As a reminder, Federal Services employees who work at government sites in D.C., Maryland and Virginia should check with their Program Managers regarding closures at government site locations.

Employees in the above offices should work from home, if possible.

At this time, it is anticipated many of the offices above will re-open for normal business hours on Wednesday, October 31st.  Decisions regarding further office closures for Wednesday, October 31st will be made and communicated tomorrow.  (Information about office closures will be distributed electronically and posted on the Emergency Hotline and the Company Intranets and will be updated accordingly.)

Immediate Assistance:

Please be reminded there is a Company-wide Emergency Hotline and email address for employees who require emergency assistance.

Should you need assistance, please send an email or call the hotline and provide your name, employee number, office location/project site and indicate you work for Federal Services.  Briefly describe the nature of your emergency and provide two methods we may use to contact you.
Employee Status:
In order for us to determine the safety of employees in the affected locations, after Hurricane Sandy passes your area, we are requesting all employees working, traveling or on leave status to notify your manager.

Time Charging:

The following time charging instructions for Monday, October 29th and Tuesday, October 30th, should be followed by employees working at the selected offices closed on the East Coast.

Exempt Employees – As an exempt employee, you are expected to accomplish the work tasks or objectives for which you are responsible regardless of the hours worked in a given week.  As such, only record the hours worked on Monday and Tuesday even if they are less than 8 hours.  You will be compensated for your full week’s salary regardless of the total hours worked for the week.

Non-Exempt Employees – Non-exempt employees whose offices or work locations were closed due to the storm should charge project number TOPS.HDQ.000.000.HURR.  These hours will be included in your weekly pay.

Part Time and Temporary Employees – Part time and temporary employees should record and will be paid for only those hours worked on Monday and Tuesday.

Please note employees who were on prescheduled leave on Monday and Tuesday should charge their normal leave project number in accordance with company policy.
If you have any questions concerning how to charge your time please do not hesitate to contact the Payroll/Human Resources Help desk at: 301-944-3071. Below are two alternative methods to solicit help from the help desk:

The help desk is staffed Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. ET. Employees can expect to receive a call/email back within 24 hours of their initial contact.
Your Safety:
Please take all necessary precautions to keep yourself and your family safe and remember to follow the instructions of local officials, including evacuation orders. Below are several website links to assist you in regards to the storm.

Planning & Preparation:

Storm Tracking:
If you have any immediate questions or need additional information, please contact your manager, local HR Representative or the Emergency Hotline.